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About Us

Welcome to Makaw Scaffolding, a premier provider of scaffolding and access solutions based in the Island of Malta. Our services extend across Malta, the Mediterranean, and the MENA region, offering top-tier solutions to clients in various industries.

With a wealth of experience and dynamic expertise, Makaw Scaffolding is committed to delivering high-quality and efficient scaffolding rental services both locally in Malta and overseas. Our services cater to a diverse range of industries, ensuring reliable support for construction, power generation, offshore fabrication, and maritime/superyacht refit projects.

Throughout the years, Makaw Scaffolding has established itself as a trusted partner on numerous prestigious scaffolding projects. Our dedication to excellence has earned us a reputation as a reliable supplier to Blue Chip companies, international firms, and private clients alike. Whether it's a simple project or a complex endeavor, we are committed to delivering results on time and within budget.

At Makaw Scaffolding, we prioritize strong leadership, strategic planning, and collaborative teamwork to ensure the highest level of service quality. Our carefully selected team of experts is dedicated to fostering genuine partnerships with our clients, guaranteeing satisfaction from project initiation to completion.

Experience the Makaw Scaffolding difference and discover why we are the preferred choice for scaffolding and access solutions in Malta and beyond.

Strong Leadership

At Makaw Scaffolding, we are guided by visionary leaders who inspire and drive our team towards excellence. With a clear vision and unwavering commitment to our goals, our leadership ensures that every project is executed with precision and professionalism.

Strategic Planning

Our success stems from meticulous strategic planning that lays the groundwork for each project. By carefully analysing project requirements and potential challenges, we develop comprehensive plans that optimize resources, minimize risks, and ensure successful project outcomes.

Collaborative Teamwork

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach at Makaw Scaffolding. We believe in harnessing the collective expertise and creativity of our team members to deliver innovative solutions and exceed client expectations. Through open communication, mutual respect, and shared goals, we foster a culture of collaboration that drives success.

Our Services

Makaw Scaffolding provides the following types of Scaffolding and Access Solutions

Staircase Towers
Loading Bays
Independent scaffolding
Edge Protection
Pavement Gantry
Staging/Scaffolding set up for event industry
Mast Climbing Solutions
Temporary Roof
Vessel Encapsulation
Custom/Design Scaffolding

What we do

We strategically operate our business from our centrally located Warehousing estate & Offices, positioned strategically in the Mediterranean. This strategic positioning enables us to efficiently cater to scaffolding requirements within Malta, the Mediterranean, and the MENA regions, with a particular emphasis on serving the Superyacht refit, offshore fabrication, industrial, and construction market sectors.

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  • makawIndustrial & Power Generation Plants
  • makawMaritime / Superyacht
  • makawOil & Gas
  • makawRefurbishment / Restoration

recent work

Latest projects we worked on

Our approach to Safety & Quality has proven to be the main focus of our success. Here are a few projects we’ve worked on.

85m Superyacht – Full scaffolding encapsulation

Shipyard - Malta

Makaw Scaffolding was entrusted with the design and installation of a fully certified scaffolding structure, consuming in excess of over 200 tons of Layher allround scaffolding equipment. This comprehensive system was augmented by an overlying temporary roofing structure, meticulously engineered to encapsulate this magnificent megayacht using thermoplastic shrink wrap in preparation for a full spray job. Our specialized team at Makaw Scaffolding orchestrated an efficient process, from the initial design phase to the seamless delivery and execution of the project. The result was a fully certified and weatherproof scaffolding structure, providing safe access around all sides of the vessel and achieving a remarkable completion time of just 21 working days from project commencement. Makaw Scaffolding's commitment to excellence and expertise ensured the successful and timely execution of this project, underscoring our ability to deliver reliable and complex scaffolding solutions for the superyacht/maritime industry.

76m Superyacht – Full scaffolding encapsulation complete with temporary roof structure

Shipyard - Malta

Makaw Scaffolding was entrusted with the full scaffold access and encapsulation of a 76-meter superyacht to facilitate its comprehensive spray job. Using Layher allround scaffolding equipment, we designed and constructed a robust scaffold structure, which was then roofed with our temporary roofing system, boasting an impressive 18-meter freestanding span, all enclosed under 1,400m2 of durable tarpaulin sheeting. Additionally, our solution provided safe access for third parties to work around the full vessel perimeter. Various access staircase points were strategically incorporated to accommodate tradesmen and crew alike operating on the vessel. The scaffolding package for this project was efficiently completed within 18 working days by our specialized scaffolding team located at a local shipyard in Malta.

82m superyacht – scaffold encapsulation

shipyard - Malta

Makaw Scaffolding was entrusted with the scaffolding construction and encapsulation to provide safe access and containment using thermoplastic shrink wrap for a partial spray job on this 82m superyacht. The scaffolding structure set up using Layher allround equipment was full set up in just 15 days from commencement.

Trussout scaffold – Odycy hotel Malta

Odycy hotel - Qawra Malta

Makaw Scaffolding was approached to provide a cantilevered solution for a challenging project involving the scaffolding enclosure of a hotel perimeter during the construction of additional storeys. Our team efficiently deployed over 450 running meters of trussed-out scaffold, supported by 380 750mm X beams. This extensive setup facilitated the safe and certified installation of over 7,000m2 of overlying Layher allround scaffolding, adjusted gradually to align with construction progress and concurrent finishing tasks. Makaw Scaffolding's precise execution and strategic planning ensured the seamless completion of this complex project, showcasing our proficiency in delivering effective solutions for intricate construction requirements.

Plaza shopping centre – suspended scaffolding platform


This suspended scaffolding platform covering a footprint of 300m2 was engineered and certified for safe access over one of Malta's busiest shopping centre's atrium, facilitating the replacement of the existing roof structure by third-party contractors. The suspended structure was constructed by means of support structures constructed on either side of the atrium with scaffold lattice beams spanning a stretch of 15.00m in length in order to bridge the distance required safely over the underlying areas.

34m yacht – Scaffold encapsulation

Shipyard - Malta

Makaw Scaffolding installed and provided the scaffolding structure enclosing this 34m yacht, facilitating secure access and encapsulation essential for a comprehensive vessel spray job."

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